Friday, 5 February 2016

Sleepers and Track Panels

It's been one of those weeks this week where lots has happened like compiling manuals and unwrapping models ready for baking/texturing, things which don't make for exciting blog post pictures!

YQA Parr

Fortunately around all these tasks some progress has been made on the track panel and concrete sleeper loads for the Mullet and Parr wagons for the forthcoming YQA Parr wagon pack.

The first image shows a short lived task for the Mullet with a load of track panels. Only a small number were converted and originally they just gained the TOPS code YMA rather than the YLA code of the bolster fitted versions with the Fishkind then changing to Parr.
Fastline Simulation: A YMA Mullet in engineers grey and yellow livery loaded with 4 prefabricated track panels.
Use as track panel carriers seems to have been short lived and recoding to YQA Parr and other body changes took place around the time that further YLA Mullets were converted for sleeper carrying. These further conversions appear to have been coded YLA with the Fishkind of Parr from the outset and originally had 9 tensioners per side and a foot step/recess at each corner.
Fastline Simulation: A YQA Parr with Civil Link branding loaded with over 60 concrete sleepers.

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