Monday, 24 November 2014

Bullion Carriers: Flat Completed

Fastline Simulation - Bullion Carriers: Completed NLA Bullion Flat carrying two containers.
It's always good to get back to grips with projects and see them make tangible progress, especially after the trials of the previous few weeks.

The shape for the Bullion flat is now complete along with the containers for it to carry.

Built at Derby in 1971 the flats usually worked with the Bullion Vans converted in the mid 1960's from Mk1 BSK vehicles. Descriptions of the flats varies from reference to reference with some likening the to Frightliner flats but with buffers and B5 bogies and others to Mk1 underframes. Through the modelling process it would appear that the second description is much closer to the reality.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Also available in blue

Fastline Simulation: A selection of early 1980's blue lettered battery powered temporary speed restriction signs.
When the battery powered Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) signs were first introduced around 1979 they were equipped with blue and white lettering which was then replaced with the yellow and black versions we posted previously from 1986.

As this was a relatively easy modification to make to the existing versions it seemed sensible to include them in this pack. With the exception of a little weathering the models are now complete and attention is turning to the manual and installer to accompany them.

Once released the signs and additional assets included with them will allow you to include Temporary and Emergency Speed Restrictions in Train Simulator scenarios from the late 1970's through until the mid 1990's

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Battery Powered TSR Signs

Fastline Simulation: A selection of early 1990's battery powered temporary speed restriction signs.
We released a limited set of battery powered Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) signs with the ZCA Sea Urchins a couple of years ago and there was always the intention to complete the set and release them as a free download.

With the recent battle involving the website completed the need was felt for a quick win project to get back a productive feeling and the TSR signs fitted the bill.

The set now includes a wide number of variations of speed across the different styles of board and has gained arrows for restrictions that are through a junction ahead and a newly modelled Emergency Restriction of Speed (EROS) board too.

Most the modelling is now complete with just a few last tweaks needed. A folder move from out of our CommonAssets folder is also planned to make the filtering of the different types of signs a little more controllable.

The installer for the boards will edit the existing assets to mark them as superseded but make no other changes so as not to break existing scenarios.