Saturday, 23 November 2013

Done LODing

Fastline Simulation - Bonus Stock: A weathered Railfreight flame red and grey dia 1/507 BR 20T brake van from lot 3129 built at Darlington in 1959 and subsequently modified to work with air braked trains. This version is one of a number of 20T brake vans included in our HBA/HEA hopper wagon expansion pack for Train Simulator 2014 to help add variety and authenticity to the scenarios in the pack. Initially released with the VDA vans pack the vans has had new materials applied to bring it in line with the CAO/CAP versions in the pack and have also seen the creation of a version with battery electric tail lamps.
Ok, so it's nothing that hasn't been seen before but this screenshot marked a seminal moment earlier today as the last shape for inclusion in the HBA/HEA Hoppers pack, a weathered Railfreight flame red and grey CAR brake van with a battery tail lamp, went for a quick spin behind a Class 37 out of Carlisle Kingmoor Yard.

All of the shapes are now complete, the manual is finished and the test version of the installer has been built and is ready for the testers once their (extensive) brief for the installer test has been written ready for them to try and break it!

This should mean that release happens within a couple of weeks if the installer test goes well and doesn't throw up any issues as everything is given a final inspection.

The manual for the pack is likely to be uploaded during the week for anyone who fancies a sneaky peak too.