Friday, 26 February 2016

A fishy plate week

It's always good to have a week where the progress is tangible and there's something new to show.

YQA Super Tench

Some of the YLA/YQA wagons have found themselves converted to general materials wagons by stripping off the existing deck and fitting mesh sided 'Tench' modules originally designed to be fitted to container flat wagons. Nicknamed as 'Super Tench' as they are much larger than the other 2-axle 'Tench' general materials wagons, one or two can often be found marshalled as a part of engineering train formations to carry small items and odd materials as required. Although not as prolific as the container flat conversions they are still an impressive vehicle and will help to add to the engineering wagon variety available in Train Simulator.

SPV 33t Plate Wagon

Work has continued on the 33t plate wagon with the completion of the texturing and decals with thoughts moving towards the loads for the wagons. Naturally big steel plates will feature but as that traffic reduced and the wagons found themselves spare, alternative uses were found including carrying bogies and wheel-sets between BR workshops.

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