Friday, 29 June 2012

HBA/HEA Hopper Progress

A couple of progress renders of the HBA and HEA hoppers under development for RailWorks Train Simulator 2012.

Fastline Simulation - HBA Hopper: Progress render of the HBA Hopper for RailWorks Train Simulator 2012. The wagon represents one of the considerably more numerous variants of the wagons in as built condition with an offset access ladder and two footsteps with long link suspension.
 A HBA hopper from the more numerous later produced examples with the offset access ladder.

Fastline Simulation - HEA Hopper: Progress render of the HEA Hopper for RailWorks Train Simulator 2012. The wagon represents one of the early wagons built as an HBA with a central access ladder and four footsteps after it has been converted to bruninghaus suspension.
What would become know as an HEA hopper after respringing with Bruninghaus springs and an increase in maximum speed to 75mph.

It should be remembered that the HEA TOPS code was introduced after modification work commenced and that early examples could be found lettered as HBA like their unmodified counterparts. Yet another variation in a model series to work in to the final product!

Friday, 22 June 2012

HBA/HEA Hopper Progress

Fastline Simulation - HBA/HEA Hopper Wagon: Quick progress render of the HBA/HEA hopper wagon add-on under development for Railworks 2012.
If you've been following the Developers Notebook you'll know that the past few sessions have been spent upgrading, tweaking and rebuilding various parts of the HEA coal hopper we have under production for Railworks.

All the parts you can see in the render have been added, tweaked, improved by rechecking with sources or in some cases totally rebuilt to start and bring the model up to the standard of our other products.

The model looks slightly odd at the moment with no springs or brake gear making the underside look strangely open with the white background showing through.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Carflats: Early Mock-up

Fastline Simulation - Carflats: Quick mock-up render of one of the carflats for RailWorks Train Simulator 2012 converted from a mk1 carriage. A quick mock-up of the Carflat to see how it's coming together. There's a real mash-up of parts here so I'm not even going to attempt to claim it's a particular vehicle or diagram!