Thursday, 2 August 2012

HBA/HEA Hoppers modelling complete

Well we live in hope that when the testers give the shapes the once over they don't find anything that needs a big rebuild!

As you can see from the renders below, the shape creating stage of the HBA/HEA air braked coal hoppers for RailWorks Train Simulator 2012 is complete. Once the testers have given them a quick visual check in the simulator they'll be back in the workshop for unwrapping and baking.

Fastline Simulation - HBA Hopper: Render of the completed HBA hopper shape for RailWorks Train Simulator 2012 before export and release for shape test. This configuration shows one of the early examples of HBA coal hopper with a central ladder, additional handrails and small extra supports to the hopper.

Fastline Simulation - HBA Hopper: Top view of the completed shape of the HBA coal hopper for RailWorks Train Simulator 2012 showing the interior of the hopper and a high view of the air tank and associated pipework.

Fastline Simulation - HEA Hopper:  Three-quarter view of the completed shape for a HEA coal hopper before shape testing in RailWorks Train Simulator 2012 from the air tank end showing the offset access ladder fitted to later build vehicles and Bruninghaus springs.

I have been quite surprised by these as a model (especially as they're a recycling of a previous project) by the amount of subtle and half hidden detail that's been needed to really get the feel of these wagons which look so deceptively simple at the first glance.