Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday 28th January 2016

It's been a week with a number of projects making progress and others being submitted to Dovetail Games for quality assurance in preparation for release. More excitingly we've now finalised and signed the contract for the next batch of expansions to be released via Steam Marketplace which means we can start to show some of them in this post.

YLA Mullet

We've just heard that this pack has passed Quality Assurance and has entered the queue for release. The images below show a number of variations and loads which have not been seen before in their final state.

Fastline Simulation: A YLA Mullet in faded engineers livery carrying a load of concrete panels.

Fastline Simulation: Rust with a hint of engineers yellow and grey is the best description for this YLA Mullet carrying lengths of rail recovered from a work site.

Fastline Simulation: Prior to privatisation wagons were often transferred or borrowed between the revenue and engineers fleet. Since privatisation the boundaries have all but vanished and a number of YLAs have found themselves in EWS livery and used for revenue traffic like this large I-beams.

Fastline Simulation: The EWS livery on the YLA Mullet has started to fade but it is still finding useful work carrying long steel sections

BDA 80t Bogie Bolsters

These have been submitted to Dovetail Games ready for quality assurance. The images below show a selection of the loads that are included in the pack.

Fastline Simulation: An early built BDA to design code BD006C is seen in faded freight brown livery with a load of pipes.

Fastline Simulation: Later build to design code BD006C BDA in clean freight brown livery and a load of H-beams.

Fastline SImulation: A load of steel blooms are seen loaded on a BDA from the latter ones built to design code BD006C in weathered freight brown livery.

Fastline Simulation: Built to the final design code used for the BDA conversions, BD006D, this bolster has faded Railfreight livery and a load of steel slabs.


After showing a render of the completed shape last week we hit a frustrating couple of days when the shape didn't want to play nicely as we made different variations. However, it's sorted now and as can be seen below is in game with base textures and decals in place for a number of different versions.

Fastline Simulation: YMA Mullet and YQA Parr wagons complete with all decals and base textures in place.


These are the first of the new round of packs we are developing and a complicated bunch they are too! As the first variation of long wheelbase air braked vans (albeit with through vacuum pipes in some cases) they precede our previously released VCA vans but still found useful service well through to the end of the 1980s. Given their complicated nature and the sheer number of variations these vans will be split across two packs but are shown in no particular order in the pictures below.

Fastline Simulation: One of the 20 COV AB wagons built with ventilators on each end wearing clean freight brown livery and carrying the VAB TOPS code.

Fastline Simulation: A rather grubby maroon liveried COV AB without the end vent and carrying the TOPS code VBB.

Fastline Simulation: This COV AB has gained the VBA TOPS code and is wearing grubby maroon livery complete with a hardly noticable white roof from when it was allocated to Rowntrees chocolate traffic.

Fastline Simulation: Even though the COV ABs were the first mass produced long wheelbase van and constantly improved upon in later builds, they were still repainted into the Railfreight flame red and grey livery.

SPV 33t plate wagon

The LMS and LNER both built all steel wagons for the carriage of 22t of steel plate. BR continued with these designs, initially unfitted, with the first vacuum braked design appearing in 1956. The 2nd vacuum brake design was very similar, but vehicles to Diagram 1/434 were fitted with BR 8-shoe Clasp brakes. The 1500 Lot 3223 vehicles were originally fitted with the very distinctive 'Isothermos' axleboxes, though these were replaced in later years.

Fastline Simulation: In progress clay render of a 33t SPV plate wagon.

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