Tuesday, 5 May 2015

VEA Vans: Railfreight Distribution VEA

Fastline Simulation - VEA Vans: At least six VEA conversions were treated to Railfreight sector livery complete with Railfreight Distribution decals as British Rail was broken up into individual businesses.
One of the most exciting things about developing Train Simulator expansions is the little bits of history it can throw up. The story of the Vanwides and later VEA vans is no exception.

Not only did some 1950's built vans gain a new under-frame and air brakes to become the VEA vans featured in our expansion but at least six of them also managed to gain Railfreight Sector livery as the responsibility for Ministry of Defence trains passed to Railfreight Distribution.

Naturally, there was some variation in the way the livery was applied but the version we've chosen seems to have been the most prevalent judging by photographs. It must be said though that the VEA vans carried the livery well and it's a huge change from the all over brown they wore when originally built as Vanwides!

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