Wednesday, 28 October 2015

RNA Barrier Wagons

Fastline Simulation: Maroon liveried HEA coal hopper recoded as an RNA barrier wagon.

Fastline Simulation: Railfreight flame red and grey liveried HEA coal hopper recoded as an RNA barrier wagon.

Fastline Simulation: the HEA coal hopper has been recoded as an RNA barrier wagon and has gained Railfreight Coal Sector livery.

Fastline Simulation: An RNA barrier wagon that has been converted from an HEA coal hopper by the removal of the hopper body and the fitting of a new floor.
Until the mid 1990s railway operations required the use of barrier wagons when trains were carrying Dangerous Goods to give better protection to train crews and the goods themselves in the event of derailment or collision. Traditionally these barrier wagons would be drawn from whatever suitable wagons were available in the yard at the time that the train was assembled. However, with the sectorisation of British Rail in the run up to privatisation all assets and requirements had to be accounted for.

With this in mind, Railfreight Coal assembled a dedicated fleet of barrier wagons for use with nuclear flask traffic. It is likely that a number of the wagons that were involved had been in use for this very purpose for some time but were now formally assigned and converted for the role. A large number had their hopper bodies removed and a new floor added. Alongside this they gained a coat of the new Railfreight Sector livery complete with coal branding.

Other hoppers retained their bodywork but gained a repaint in the Sector livery while others were simply recoded as RNA while retaining their previous liveries.

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