Monday, 9 November 2015

Unfitted dia 1/146 21t HTO Coal Hoppers

Fastline Simulation: A freshly repainted dia. 1/146 unfitted 21t coal Hopper with boxed HOP 21 coding.

Fastline Simulation: A slighty grubby dia. 1/146 unfitted 21t coal Hopper in unfitted grey livery with un-boxed HOP 21 coding.

Fastline Simulation: This dia. 1/146 unfitted 21t coal Hopper had just been marked as 21T and at some point in the past saw some grey paint which is just managing to survive here and there.

Fastline Simulation: A fully boxed TOPS panel with HTO code has been added to this dia. 1/146 unfitted 21t coal Hopper. However, it would appear to have been a long time since it was acquainted with a paint brush.

One of our current rolling stock expansion themes for Train Simulator are the British Railways 21t Coal Hoppers. One of the last variations built has already been released in the form of the Rebodied dia. 1/146 HTV 21t Coal Hoppers.

Today we're looking back to a much earlier part of the story with the unfitted version of the dia. 1/146 hoppers which made up the majority of the wagons built to this diagram complete with the original style of body with five strengthening ribs and plain axleboxes.

Like most coal wagons these hoppers worked hard and were subject to corrosion from the acidic nature of the coal that they carried. As a consequence we have prepared various levels of distress to allow the hoppers to created a varied rake of wagons. The hoppers also feature a number of different lettering styles which are applied at random but can be overriden to one of your choice should you desire.

Given that the wagons were unbraked they were not fitted with lamp brackets to carry a tail lamp as they were never envisaged to be at the rear of the train. Therefore, to allow users to be able to form correctly marshalled trains we will be bundling a dia. 1/506 unfitted brake van that we previewed in our 'Bonus Brake Vans - Part 1' blog post a while ago.

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