Friday, 16 October 2015

CEA Covered Hoppers [EWS]

Fastline Simulation: A clean CEA hopper in unbranded EWS maroon livery from the side with sheet rubbers and cleats.

Fastline Simulation: A weathered CEA hopper in EWS maroon livery with stencil lettering and no logos.

Fastline Simulation: An EWS liveried and branded CEA is seen shortly after repainting from the side containing the sheet fixings.

Fastline Simulation: A rather grubby CEA hopper converted from one of the early build HEAs in EWS livery with gold logo and lettering.
Last week we showed off some pictures of the completed Loadhaul liveried CEA hoppers. This week it's the turn of the EWS ones.

Even though there have been some questions raised about the success of the CEA conversions it would appear that EWS saw some use for the small fleet of covered hoppers. A large number of them gained one of two variations of EWS livery either unbranded EWS maroon with stencilled lettering or fully branded EWS with gold lettering. In both cases a smart new retractable sheet in EWS maroon was also fitted.

As with the vast majority of our packs the wagons will be supplied with clean and weathered versions along with loaded and empty physics. These wagons also feature automatic body switching to take in to account the different positions of ladder and aer fitted with our intelligent tail lamp system.

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