Tuesday, 23 June 2015

VEA Vans: Weathered ODAs

Fastline Simulation - VEA Vans: This Railfreight liveried ODA has seen a little bit of service and the paint is fading as the grime builds up.

Fastline Simulation - VEA Vans: A slightly weathered ODV in Railfrieght Distribution livery loaded with a military branded crate.
Bright, sparkling wagons are usually a rarity on the rail network and cleanliness is often a short lived state after repairs. As such, we feel it's important to include some slightly more work worn examples of the wagons included in our Train Simulator expansion packs.

The ODA wagons that will be included in the VEA Vans expansion are no exception and we're pleased to show the more grimy versions of the two liveries to be included in the pack.

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