Monday, 13 July 2015


Fastline Simulation: Render of the completed model of a BORAIL EB with 8ft wheelbase plate back bogies.
We've been beavering away quietly on a few things lately and selfishly haven't shared! As an example of what's been going on here's a render of a brand new model that has it's first version complete.

The wagon in question is a British Railways designed, vacuum braked, bogie rail wagon used for transporting lengths of rail from steel works to customers and for export. Originally these wagons were not for the use of the engineers department and were built as a traffic wagon. This design was dia 1/483 and was the final design created following a number of variants based on pre-nationalisation designs.

The deep fish belly underframe is particularly distinctive and makes this wagon impressive at over 60ft in length. The vast majority of the design were overhauled and fitted with new bogies, air brakes and a new deck and bolsters, but that is the subject of another model and another blog post!

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