Monday, 15 June 2015

VEA Vans: Work Worn and Dirty

Fastline Simulation - VEA Vans: A weathered example of one of the original 50 Maroon liveried VEA vans.

Fastline Simulation - VEA Vans: This heavily faded Railfreight liveried VEA van has been carrying compressed gas and still has a battery tail lamp hung on the lamp bracket.

Fastline Simulation - VEA Vans:  This Railfreight Distribution liveried VEA van has started to fade as the grime builds up and still has a hazard warning label applied.
It's always good fun to show the bright and shiny ex-works wagons. However, in the real world they soon found themselves in traffic and rapidly building a layer of dirt as the paint began to fade.

As with the majority of our expansion packs the VEA vans will feature both clean versions and the weathered ones featured in this post.

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