Monday, 15 March 2010

VDA Van: Wheels and Details

Not quite the progress on the VDA we'd have liked to have seen today, but there was a little more progress after this render was made.

The original version to Lot 3855 is now basically complete, just in need of the handbrake mechanism completing, some elements of brake rigging adding and a few other small details like the latches for the centre sliding doors.

The VDA is proving to be an interesting prototype with all three of the large lots built having notable differences that we will begin to encompass once the shape for this version is complete.


Paul Finch said...

Think my mouth is watering!

Unknown said...

Cheers Paul, currently working on the long handbrake levers and revised hinges of the last lot built. Then it's onto the FAT13 suspension fitted to a lot of 200 as an experiment!