Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A phat VDA!

Sorry folks couldn't resist that one.

Another one of those moments where something looks easy and then isn't is finally over. The final shape for the VDA vans is basically complete and has been an interesting puzzle. At first glance the experimental FAT13 suspension fitted to the 100 vans built to lot 3856 at Shildon in 1975/6 looks straightforward.

First impressions can be deceiving though, it looks like all that's required is a couple of pedestals, a long and strangely thin spring, axle box cover, some rams and a few other bits. Then once you start to delve further you realise there are extra bits all over the place that actually make it all work. Progress on this puzzle was going really well until the realisation dawned that there were parts that didn't appear to do anything!

Closer inspection and a lucky find in a book revealed that the van we'd photographed in use as a stores van on a preserved railway had a number of parts removed, possibly to enable the vehicle to be moved when required on a vacuum braked site?

Anyway the final shape is complete and is here for you to take a look at finally!

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