Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Car Carrier - First Glimpse

As mentioned earlier on Facebook we've been taking a break from texturing the bogie tank wagon and have been working on the shape for the car carrier that we're creating for RailWorks as a part of Project East Coast. Below is a render of the progress so far, it's very much a work in progress and as such there are some errors that need to be addressed.

It's one of those deceptive models as you delve into it, that big slab sided body takes relatively little time to create and then you hit those heavy fabricated bogies and the plethora of hinges and stays on the end doors! So far we're happy and hope you appreciate the chance of an early glimpse.

We've noticed on one of the forums a mention of the open Motorail wagons created from redundant coach under-frames. Sorry folks but the amount of supporting stock going into the Motorail pack it really would be model too far with all those cars. We did consider it in the planning stage but as they didn't feature in the regular EMCL Anglo Scottish workings decided to avoid them for the time being. That said we never completely write anything off and they may appear in due course as a patch to the Motorail pack.

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