Monday, 15 December 2014

Carflats: Trio Variety Pack

If there is one group of rolling stock that provokes huge amounts of discussion it's the carflats generally converted from mark 1 coaching stock under-frames as people try to trace donor vehicles and the like.

With the bullion carriers out of bounds as they had their shape test the chance was taken to wrap up the outstanding bits of the carflat shapes. The renders below show the three base shapes that will probably be continued through to release.

Fastline Simulation - Carflats: A low level render of a dia. 1/088 carflat with fixed sides, buckeye couplings, dual brakes, steel ends and Motorail branding boards.
A dia. 1/088 carflat with steel ends, buckeye couplings, dual brakes, fixed sides and Motorail branding boards.

Fastline Simulation - Carflats: This render represents a dia. 1/177 wagon with wooden ends, vacuum brakes and through air pipe. The sides are the lower configuration of split sides with the details board virtually in the middle.
A dia 1/177 carflat with wooden ends, screw couplings, shorter split sides, vacuum brakes and through air pipe.

Fastline Simulation - Carflats: This configuration is possibly the most intriguing as it appears to be a conversion from other diagrams and has gained taller than usual split side rails, in this case the original was from dia. 1/131 and is vacuum braked. Wheel chocks for vehicles can be seen on the deck of the wagon.
Based on a dia. 1/133 carflat, this render shows what appears to have been a later modification with taller split sides. The wagon itself is vacuum braked and has a number of wheel chocks on the deck used to stabilise vehicles.

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