Thursday, 6 November 2014

Battery Powered TSR Signs

Fastline Simulation: A selection of early 1990's battery powered temporary speed restriction signs.
We released a limited set of battery powered Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) signs with the ZCA Sea Urchins a couple of years ago and there was always the intention to complete the set and release them as a free download.

With the recent battle involving the website completed the need was felt for a quick win project to get back a productive feeling and the TSR signs fitted the bill.

The set now includes a wide number of variations of speed across the different styles of board and has gained arrows for restrictions that are through a junction ahead and a newly modelled Emergency Restriction of Speed (EROS) board too.

Most the modelling is now complete with just a few last tweaks needed. A folder move from out of our CommonAssets folder is also planned to make the filtering of the different types of signs a little more controllable.

The installer for the boards will edit the existing assets to mark them as superseded but make no other changes so as not to break existing scenarios.

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