Monday, 19 May 2014

HEA Hopper Conversions: Loadhaul MEA

Fastline Simulation - HEA Conversions: Loadhaul followed Transrail in ordering a batch of MEA conversions. By the time the wagons were delivered Loadhaul had become a part of EWS and the wagons were delivered in plain black livery without the trademark Loadhaul orange ends and a white band around the top. End ladders were again not fitted to these wagons.
The last of the pre-privatisation shadow freight companies to place an order for MEA conversions was Loadhaul. These wagons were delivered after the acquisition of Loadhaul (along with Transrail and Mainline Freight) by a subsidiary Wisconsin Central, better known as EWS.

The livery of these wagons differs from others given the Loadhaul treatment in that they were delivered in all over black without the orange ends usually applied to Loadhaul rolling stock. The wagons are also notable for having a white band around the top rather than the more usual yellow carried by other MEA conversions to that date. Possibly these changes were dictated by the change in owning company at the time of delivery.

Our latest screenshot from Train Simulator 2014 shows an ex-works MEA wagon in tidy black and white Loadhaul livery posing for the official camera before entering service.

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