Monday, 17 February 2014

HEA Hoppers - Post BR: Faded Railfreight

HEA Hoppers - Post BR: Many of the HEA hoppers have continued to soldier on for many years wearing their liveries from up to 30 years ago. This example, under development for Train Simulator 2014, of an early example with central ladder has had its Railfreight logos painted out, the end ladders removed and lettering renewed.
We've spent the last few blog posts showing you new liveries applied to the HEA hoppers in more recent years. What is noticeable from photographs is that there are still some examples of the original Railfreight liveried hoppers still in service, albeit in faded and work worn condition.

The HEA Hoppers - Post BR expansion pack for Train Simulator 2014 will feature work worn Railfreight liveried examples from both the early central ladder type and the later offset ladder versions.

Of note is the removal of the access ladders from the hopper ends, application of more modern overhead warning flashes, the painting out of the original logos and renewal/updating of the lettering on the wagon.

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