Friday, 14 December 2012

Brake Van Variety

Fastline Simulation - HBA/HEA Coal Hoppers: Two dia 1/506 brake vans from lot 3129 wait for the next duty. Although both from the same lot time has produced some differences with the left hand van losing its vacuum through pipe and becoming unfitted with a variation in livery to reflect this. These vans will be included in our forthcoming HBA/HEA hopper wagon pack for Train Simulator 2013
Been hanging on to this little shot of the completed brake van shapes for a bit and didn't get round to posting them!

These are both from lot 3129 and built to dia 1/506 with the right hand one being as constructed with a through vacuum pipe. The van on the left has had it's vacuum pipe removed as gained (like some other vans but by no means all) a grey end when this happened to signify that it is now effectively unfitted.

Once the HBA and HEA hoppers have finished being kicked around to make them look dirty and used it will be the turn of the brake vans which are looking way too clean!

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