Saturday, 24 November 2012

HBA/HEA Hoppers: Darlington 1976?

Fastline Simulation - HBA/HEA Coal Hoppers: HBA hopper wagons, newly built at Shildon and ready for their first revenue earning trip.
Could this have been the scene at Darlington in 1976?

A class 08 shunts a train containing six brand new HBA hoppers recently released from Darlington ready for their first revenue earning trip. Part of a VDA van with experimental suspension can also be glimpsed at the left of the picture.

All the parts of the HBA/HEA hoppers for Train Simulator 2013 are in place and the base colours for both the maroon and Railfreight liveries are now complete ready for testing before having LODs created, individual versions created and weathered ready for release of the add-on towards the end of the year.

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