Monday, 24 January 2011

Safety First

Battery Tail Lamp made by Chloride Bardic
After a bit of a struggle to find any suitable references we finally have a rear lamp that doesn't turn the entire train into a potential time bomb!

70t+ of petrol or diesel in a tank wagon and a lit oil lamp are probably not the best of combinations, especially when there's a large warning sign on the side of the wagon about naked flames.

The first solution to this issue was to use a barrier wagon to carry the tail lamp, therefore keeping the flame away from the volatile load in the wagon but this is neither practical or cost effective. As a result battery lamps were developed and deployed where required. Eventually the flashing versions we know today replaced the oil tail lamp across the network.

To accompany the 102t tankers we've modelled one if the earlier versions of rechargeable battery tail lamp manufactured by Chloride Bardic the well known maker of the hand lamp used by countless railway workers.

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