Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Give a dog a bone

Just found this render lurking in a dark corner of the hard drive. Had forgotten it had ever been started!

What do you think folks, should we continue .... ?


Anonymous said...

Definately you should continue. The freeware model is nice, but a fully realised release would be good.

Anonymous said...

Seconded! Absolutely continue.

As a big freight fan (coal especially) It would be fantastic to have a fully detailed 58 to go alongside the 56's and give industrial routes more realism.

Also the model looks great so far so why stop!?

Anonymous said...

A big yes, carry it on. As said before would be a great addition to have a fully detailed 58 working the lines along side the 56's.

Unknown said...

A massive yes, you should continue. The freeware one is fantastic, but a model with all the bells and whistles would be amazing! Besides, you can't tease us with a render and then just bin it, that would be cruel!! Push on i say! Pleeaase!