Saturday, 1 May 2010

Would beer help?

Ok, it's a light hearted post this one, and nothing to do with the current releases for Project East Coast. Then again it's been a week where beer could have been handy at times.

Not much to show on the tanker and friends as most the time from the last post seems to have taken up with driving around the North West and various bits of admin. to keep HMRC and friends happy.

Anyway on a more RailWorks related note. While doing all the boring stuff I stumbled on this render of a model that was being tinkered with a while ago. The model is one of the last batch of four-wheel grain hoppers that were originally built with vacuum brakes for BRT in the 1970s. With the demise of vacuum braked trains the wagons from the earlier batches were withdrawn but a number from the final batch were converted to airbrakes and gained the striking Grainflow livery. Although originally used for grain (including trips to breweries), with the decline in this traffic they found use on other traffics including alumina to Fort William.

A grain wagon pack has been at the back of our minds for Project East Coast so these wagons can run with their much larger companions. Naturally it's one of those things for the future, but it will happen.

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